Thieves and Kings Volume I by Mark Oakley

Thieves & Kings Volume one contains the first six issues of Mark Oakley’s original fantasy comicbook series.

This is the story of young Rubel, a young thief, and not just any thief, but the Princesses thief, he is.The story starts of with how Rubel became the Princesses thief, and then jumps ahead some years into thefuture when things have gone somewhat amiss. This is when Rubel decides to set out on a quest to makethings the way they should be.

If you expect this to be an ending story you will be greatly disappointed, this one definitely leave you hanging… At least until you start on the next volume. Mr. Oakley has the whole story line mapped out forenough work for around 100 chapters, so with this being the first six, he should be busy for some years.

In many ways this is the classical fantasy story, a young hero that sets out on a quest to “save theworld”, well not necessarily the world, but you see what I mean. What strikes you when reading thisstory compared to the average fantasy book, is that Rubel truly is a kid. Mr. Oakley has managed to create thecharacter of Rubel with a kids mind, and that is something you really don’t see to often in todays fantasy stories, where the young “hero” more often than not goes from being a useless nobody to the boldestof heros in the blink of an eye. This is something Mr. Oakley has managed to do extremely well.

This book is somewhat a crossover between a comic book and a novel. Much of the story is laid outin writing and in these parts the illustrations more or less only provides a background for the story. These are the parts where the characters inner thoughts are what is important. Then when it is time forsome action Mr. Oakley switches to telling it in a comic book style.

You definitely has to classify this story as young fantasy, although every fan of fantasy should beimpressed with the way Mr. Oakley tells this story both in prose and with pictures.

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