Battlechaser by T.S. Robinson

Battle-Chasers is T.S. Robinson’s debut novel, and I would say it’s a debut he should be proud of.

T.S. Robinson says he got the idea for the story after seeing Mel Gibson’s Braveheart movie, and thereseeing a scene that focused in on the aftermath of a battle. This is something that most Fantasy novels tend to skip right past, but with T.S. Robinson things are different. His story actually begins after the real battle is over, he rather introduces us to some of the survivors. Survivors might actuallybe a wrong word since some of them comes after the battle. They are battle-chasers with reasons of theirown.

Whereas many fantasy series spans over years and centuries this novel is quite unique. The wholestory from beginning to end takes place in a matter of hours. We actually get to follow each andevery characters single move as they roam around the battlefield.

We have an albino priest, a vampire, two dragons, a dwarf, an elf, a wizard and his companion, an assassin, some undead people and a fire elemental… A long list? Maybe, but not in this case,since that’s all the characters you will meet. It’s simply fascinating to see how the author has managed to create such an intense story with so few characters.

I must say that this is a very well-written novel. The characters are described in a way that makes youfeel them. Even the “bad guys” have feelings and that’s something that actually makes youunderstand them and their actions. At the same time as the different characters follow their own goalsthe author also manages to bring it all together in a brilliant ending.

T.S. Robinson is definitely an author you should be looking out for in the future, I sure know I will.

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