Acts of the Apostles by John F.X. Sundman

A religious book? Only if you find technology on the top of your Altar. The book is a Techno thriller with believable characters written by a person who is obviously more than familiar with todays software and hardware industry than the average Joe on the street.

Following the main character Nick Aubrey through the twists and turns of the plot really makes one eager to get on with the book to see where the he and the World might end up. The book is exciting, well paced, and at most times up-close and “personal” and it’s more than readable even if you’re slightly technophobical.

The scenario described in the book is quite “actual” – and the characters you find are maybe a bit too similar to real-life technology “apostles” or visionaries to make you feel totally at ease after finishing the book.

Recommended for anyone who’s got an interest in technology and where it might or might not bring us.

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