Windfall by Charlotte Boyett-Compo

Charlotte Boyett-Compo has already made it onto the eBook Best Seller List with two of here books,Bloodwind and Nightwind. With her new eBook WindFall she starts a new series. It is the first bookin the WindTales trilogy which is a prequel to her WindLegends saga.

So what kind of book is this? I would classify it as a romantic fantasy novel intended for an adult audience.

The story starts as Gillian Cree and her brother Nick suddenly find themselves in the middle ofa snowstorm and by accident end up meeting prince Kaelan Hesar, Gillians only true love that abandonedher years ago. Now she is fleeing from being married to another man while Kaelan is living alone,exiled and left to die by the people in the nearby village.

Now Charlotte Boyett-Compo tells the story by shifting back and forth between present and past to tell the “real” story of both Gillian and Kaelan. At the same time they both discover the mischief they havebeen the victim of.

From all of this you might say that this is a romantic love story. You would of course be quite right, itis a love story, but although it starts out this way the thing is it’s also quite a bit more than that. The world expands just as the story evolves, new characters are introduced, the plot gets morecomplicated and the use of magic makes its appearance as it would in any good fantasy novel. Something I especially like about this story is that although the magic is there, it’s not the driving force. In that sense it’s quite like George R.R. Martin’s A song of Ice and Fire series.

Actually, if I had to compare WindFall to other Fantasy series, I would say that it’s a crossbetween George R.R. Martin’s A song of Ice and Fire series and Robin Hobb’s Farseer trilogy. I’m notsaying that it’s quite as brilliant as those two series, but the fact is I don’t really think it’sthat much behind either.

This is definitively a book I would recommend, for me this has proven that eBooks are here to stay, andthat books published electronically can be just as good as those you find in your local bookstore, if noteven better.

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