Primus Three by Lin Cawthra

Primus Three is Lin Y. Cawthra’s first book, and it’s the first book in her Science Fiction series called Space Voyagers.

You somehow have to take this book for what it is, a first effort to become a writer, and whatis better than writing books if that’s what you want to do. I think this is something this bookillustrates perfectly.

This is the story about Felicity, a young, kind of naive girl that suddenly finds herself facedwith the problems of the “real world”. She has been raised by her grandmother and then when herseemingly very rich grandmother dies, Felicity discovers that she is left with almost nothing. All hergrandmothers properties has to be sold to cover the debts. Felicity ends up getting a job as a day care worker at the Martinson Mining Company on a far and distant planet called Primus Three. Bit by bitFelicity discovers that the Martinson Mining Company has a bit more to it than it seemed at first.

In many ways the plot of the story is a well used one, you have a “non-hero”, Felicity, that endsup in a situation where she needs to take more charge of things, and thus becomes more of a hero.I feel that this change in character is somehow being overdone by the author. From time to time youget this unsettling feeling that Felicity is really stupid, and it’s a bit hard to believe that she doesn’t see things coming at times. Then the next moment she fixes everything and suddenly is the smartest of all.

When it comes to the use of language I found it a bit hard to read in the beginning, butyou can clearly see a tremendous improvement throughout the book. It seems like the flow of words comes more naturally as the story progresses, and this is something I think illustrates that this has been a learning experience for the author.

So what can I say – You write – You learn!

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