Behold Leviathan by Will Clark

Behold Leviathan is Will Clark’s first novel, he is a disabled Vietnam veteran who later has been awarded the Army’s highest peacetime award. He has also a wast experience as an engineer and has several textbookspublished through Mcgraw-Hill. Much of the content in this novel is based on his knowledge and experience in the fields of engineering and his background in the military.

The story is trying to set focus on the hidden agendas behind todays environmental politics.It’s also a story about a man, Will Cleary, about justice, the military, religion and about the little man being heard. All this is manifested through Will Cleary who is trying his best to take up the “fight”.

The Science Fiction aspects of the story isn’t very significant, there are some parts that is from the future. It also contains some paranormal elements, that actually are more religious in nature, god – man – beast, you might say.

The story jumps back an forth between several time periods, and in itself that’s a great way to tella story. My problem with the way it’s done here is that it’s not made very clear which story arc I’mcurrently reading. Maybe it’s just me, but for every change it takes several pages to see where I am.I was even a great many pages throughout the book before I even realized there where several “paths”.

Another thing I’m a bit confused about after finishing the story, is what where we getting at? I don’t have a problem seeing what the story is all about, it’s not that, but I can’t seem to see that thedifferent parts of the story builds up to conclusion. I was expecting that the end woulddraw all the threads and information together in an ending, and although it had an ending I waskind of disappointed.

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