The Song of the Swan by Arthur D’Alembert

This is one of those books that grabs your attention from the first page and that’sactually hard to put down.

In 1987 a supernova explodes and five years later Susan Kimmerly Horrowitz decides to analyze some of the data that was collected from the explosion. That’s when she sees it,the data set includes pseudo prime numbers that doesn’t have any normal reason for beingthere. She cross checks with a data set obtained in Japan, and the results are the same. The race is on to figure out what this is all about, and Susan might not be the only one that knows.One question remains though, are the human race really ready for what they might find?

The story is definitely one that sets your mind thinking, what if? The worst thing is that everything seems so realistic and possible… Could this really happen?

Scientific facts is the foundation for the story and it really seems that the author knowswhat he talks about, this is not just make believe, it’s based on mathematical and astronomicalfacts. This is actually what I really like about this novel.

A fast pacing story based on real science that is just under 200 pages long. I would highly recommend this story to everybody that likes to be a bit shocked by the possibilities and the simple question,WHAT IF?

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