The High History of the Holy Quail by Bruce Durie

This is the story about Slough and his involvement in the quest for the Holy Quail.Other ingredients are heros, demons, wizards and a talking door.

This book is best described as comic fantasy, it’s weird, it’s fun and it’s full of hidden meanings.

Did I mention that there’s a girl in the story and that Slough happens to fall in love with her? Iguess I didn’t, but of course there is. If there’s such thing as fantasy genre cliches this bookis full of them, and I don’t mean that in a bad way. It’s simply brilliant how much fun the authorhas gotten out of this, mixing it all with “thoughts” that doesn’t so much belong in the average fantasy story.

It’s very interesting to see how the author constantly draws parallels to our own world and time.For example we meet a webmistress who are in contact with others via the interweb. The webmistressis of course a giant spider and she weaves an interface in order to communicate with others, andthe actual communication is done by pulling the strings of the interface.

It’s all told in a fluid language, where dialects are used in a brilliant way for various characters.This truly brings another dimension to the story, and it isn’t hard to read at all (I don’t think so atleast, and my native language isn’t english).

All in all a great read, so if you’re into authors like Terry Pratchett this is a book you really shouldn’t miss out on.

There’s also a quite unique ending for a fantasy story, but that’s something you’ll have to findout for yourself.

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