Wysard by Carolyn Kephart

Wysard is Carolyn Kephart’s debut novel, and what a debut. If you’re looking for a new author with the potential of Goodkind and Jordan you’ve found it.

Wyasard is the story about Ryel and his fight against Dagar. Dagar who died centuries ago is nowplaying his evil schemes from the Void. Ryel sets out on a quest to destroy Dagar and save hiskinsman Edris who has become a victim of Dagars schemes and now also has been imprisoned inthe Void.

What we are witnessing in this novel is a building of a world, the author has created the frame fora world to rival the best and is building as we go along, making the culture and the people seem wonderfully real. Magic is also part of the story but the tale is driven forth by the story itself, and the magic is just a part of the whole. The author has also managed to create wonderfully drawn characters that you really believe in.

The only “bad” thing to say about this novel is that it kind of leaves you without an ending, but that’s hardly any surprise for a fantasy fan, it goes with the genre. It just means yet another great series to follow, and this is definitely one wort following.

So if you’re ready to be drawn into a new and wonderful fantasy world, I would highlyrecommend that you check out this book.

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