Sisters of the Wind by Diana Kemp-Jones

“Sisters of the Wind” is really a collection of science fiction short stories. Readingthese stories you’ll find that Diana Kemp-Jones has managed to explore quite a few different angles to the science fiction theme.

The stories ranges from die hard Star Trek type of science fiction in The Cull and Imarad to time travel in “Flying Visit” and dealing with extraterrestrial presencein Millenium’s Child. In other words, with these and all the other stories that comprises”Sisters of the Wind”, you’ve got it all.

Common for all the stories is that the lead character is women. In many ways you can say that the stories isn’t really about science fiction at all. Science fiction is just a setting for what I believe is the authors true intention behind all of these short stories, namely discussing women’s position within the different future societies. Well, maybe not only in future societies, but also issues that is justas relevant in todays world.

It’s actually quite nice to see an author that doesn’t write science fiction just for thesake of science fiction, but also brilliantly manages to mix it with believable charactersas well as creating stories that’s really more about human issues than anything else.

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