Spirit of Independence – Repentance by Keith Rommel

“Spirit of Independence: Repentance” is Keith Rommel’s second novel in the “Spirit of Independence” series. The main character is the spirit Travis now on the path to redemption, trying to change the evil men do by direct intervention. Not the easiest task when he is up against Navarro (the devil), Navarro uses every opportunity he gets to make Travis fail and win him over to his side.

I personally feel saying this is a Fantasy novel would be somewhat wrong. In many ways there is lots of elements of fantasy that Keith Rommel uses in the novel, the use of illusions, shifting between “worlds” and so on… However I would say that the main theme of this novel is more religious in nature, the fight between God and the Devil, good versus bad and thus the magic is used more in a biblical sense, if you see what I mean.

Keith Rommel is without doubt a talented author, he writes in a language that’s easy to follow and with “Spirit of Independence – Repentance” he has created a novel that’s a real attention grabber from the first page. He moves ahead at a fast pace, telling a story that’s filled with action, all the time without losing track of the underlying theme, good versus evil.

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