Gemquest: the Twins by Gary Wassner

“GemQuest – The Twins” is Gary Wassner’s debut novel as a fantasy author and is the first in a 2-3 book series.

The great trees, the Lala’s, who have been protecting the world from evil are mysteriously dying and along with them their Chosen, their bon-mates. The world is faced by an evil force led by the Dark Lord, Colton Dar Agonthea, who is in search for the last heir to the Gwendollen throne that so miraculously escaped him. The Gwendollen heir also represents the last hope of the world.

Gary Wassner starts off by introducing us to the history of the world he has created, something I would say he does quite brilliantly. You hardly realize that this is what he does as it’s woven into the ongoing story. The great trees, the Lala’s, and their Chosen is also a concept that I find refreshingly new (well, at least to me). He also introduces us to a great set of different characters that he portrays in a way that makes you feel that they are real.

What can I say? This is fantasy at its best, Gary Wassner weaves the different plot-lines and characters together as a true master. If I had to compare this book to anything I’ve previously read, I would have to say Tad Williams and his Memory, Sorrow and Thorn series.

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