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Terry Brooks official website has let visitors submit their own questions for Terry, and below you can read what Terry has answered to the June 2000 Questions.

Terry answers your June 2000 Questions!

The Question
Are you going to write another novel in the Landover series or willit end with ‘Witches Brew’?

— Submitted by Anonymous

Terry Replies – June 2000
I haven’t made up my mind about doing anymore Landover books. I don’t have a followup to Witches’ Brew in mind. Right now, I am immersed in Shannara. More when I have it to tell.

The Question
My question deals with, what else…, the Shannara books. I think I know the answer to this question…I just want to ask you for a little confirmation. In writing the whole of the Shannara “saga” essentially you wrote the first book (First King of Shannara) last. Why is this? Did you have this planned from the beginning?, decide somewhere along the line that you wanted to add a prequel?, or did you just have the urge (after the completetion of the Heritage Series) to go back to the begining and give your faithful readers a little more background?

— Submitted by Alan Chlebowski

Terry Replies – June 2000
I wrote First King of Shannara for several reasons. First, I had received a lot of requests over the years for a book set in that time period. Second, I had received at least as many requests or questions about the story behind Allanon, the destruction of the Druids, the creation of the Sword, and related matters. Third, my publisher decided it wanted a Shannara book before I began Running with the Demon.

So the timing was right. I have always left gaps in time in the telling of the Shannara saga so that I could fill them in when it felt right. Or not. It gives me some flexibility as a writer.

The Question
Who or what is the WORD? I have my own opinions on it but wanted tohear what you thought it to be. I’ve seen it peppered though out somebooks.

— Submitted by Jon-Paul LeClair

Terry Replies – June 2000
Who or what is the Word? What do you think? (My standard response to that and a few other questions, like, “Who won, Garet Jax or the Jachyra?”)

The Question
I just wanted to ask a simple question. You have the names of theartists and the links that display their work on your site. However, is it possible to list any information regarding the sale of the artwork covers? Is their anything in the future for this website to include sales and orders for such things as posters and prints? I would certainly love to purchase paintings or prints to display in my home, and expose family and friends to the wonderful Terry Brooks. Even if it was only a full-color, large-sized print of the map of the Four Lands! Please, any information would be greatly appreciated!

— Submitted by Jesse Quintero

Terry Replies – June 2000
The original artwork for the covers of the various books is either held by the publisher or in private collections. (I own the Heritage series covers). Posters are created when the book goes on sale in hardcover, but they are all given out to bookstores, mostly to those doing autographings and promotions. You can always check with them, if you want a poster. Not much else is available commercially.

However, the Shannara Companion will publish sometime next year and will contain all of the original artwork plus some new. You might like that.

The Question
Will you ever bring back the character Allanon in a book during thetime before his father’s death? Or maybe a short story concerning another character from the original trilogy?

— Submitted by James Chapman

Terry Replies – June 2000
There is a fairly good chance that I will bring Allanon back in a short story collection sometime in the future. Just don’t try to pin me down right now. *smiles*

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