Sleeper Awake by Bob Rich

Flora Fielding, a wealthy successful actress, is awakened after one thousand four hundred thirty three years in cryogenic storage.  She had been frozen in an attempt to extend her life until a cure for her breast cancer could be found.  Flora comes to in a world that had no need to cure cancer, as there have been only four cases in the past thirteen hundred years.  Three of those had no recurrence after treatment and the fourth chose to ‘hand on’.  If not to cure her cancer then for what reason was this sleeper awakened?

Dr. Rich gives us a vivid future culture with lofty values created with opulent imagery, and a plausible history.  His well-constructed characters are so real they could spring from the pages, as they grow fraught with escapades and struggles of loving, living and dying. 

SLEEPER AWAKE is touching and entertaining with just enough mystique to keep me reading.  A wonderful poignant story of the cycle of life and death as a part of life, Dr. Bob Rich’s book delves the human spirit for purpose and completion fulfilling beyond the insatiable hunger of sci-fi lovers for the new and awe-inspiring. A must read for anyone dealing with terminal illness or death. 

Review © August 2000, Susan

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