Interview with Laurell K. Hamilton

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The Anita Blake series has had a fantastic reception in the UK and with books Five and Six out this month the success looks set to continue. We caught up with Laurell K. Hamilton in the middle of her whirlwind US tour and she kindly made time between events to answer some questions about her work.


If vampires were discovered to exist today, do you think our society would accept them or try to destroy them?
I think we would either destroy vampires or exploit them if they were real.


If you were bitten by a vampire, would you want to be staked, or is the idea of eternal life appealing?
It would depend on what kind of vampire I turned into. Some are just walking corpses and you are dead, staking is just finishing the job. Some are more ‘human’.


Why do you think the vampire has remained such a popular subject in both film and literature?
Why are vamps so popular? Sex and fear of death. They make death attractive and less scary for most people. I think.


Who is your favourite writer?
I could no more choose a favourite writer than fly off my roof successfully. Too many wonderful people to choose from.


Where do you find your inspiration for the supernatural characters that appear in the Anita Blake novels?
Where do I find the inspiration for the supernatural creatures in Anita Blake’s world? What I don’t understand is how other people don’t find inspiration for monsters all around them. It’s just the way I think.


How did you come up with the idea for the series?
Series idea. When I first read hard-boiled mysteries I found that the female detectives didn’t get to curse as much as the men. If they killed someone they had to feel really bad about it, the men did not. Sex was off stage and barely dealt with, the men got to have on stage sex in more detail. This all seemed unfair to me. So I wanted a female main character that was every bit as tough as the men, or tougher. Anita is that. As for the monsters angle and her raising the dead for a living. I’ve been watching scary movies since I was a child, as well as reading folklore and horror. It was natural to include my favourite area of interest with Anita.


Which of the books did you enjoy writing the most, and why?
I couldn’t choose between the books, it would be like choosing a favourite child.


Have you ever considered writing a prequel to the Anita Blake series?
I don’t do prequels.


Is there a chance she may travel outside the US in a future story? 
I have several ideas for Anita to travel outside the U.S. One set in England, France, even Pompeii.


Could Anita Blake ever hang up her gun and be able to live a normal life?
It remains to be seen whether anita could live a ‘normal’ life, or not.


Who would you prefer a date with – Jean Claude or Richard?
I can’t choose between the boys. If I do rumours will fly that Anita has chosen, so I can’t answer that one.


Do you share Anita’s passion for penguins?
No, I do not collect penguins.


and finally…
What is your idea of a perfect day?

My idea of a perfect day would be to have enough time at home to truly relax for a while with the people I love, my friends, my daughter, my sweetie and my dog. I miss them very much when I travel

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