Windkeeper by Charlotte Boyett-Compo

Windkeeper is a romance in a sword and sorcerer setting, (book one ofthe Windlegends Saga).  The book is a reedited version, with additions,of the novel Keeper of the Wind previously available in paperback (ISBN1-986329-84-5).

Conar McGregor, Prince Regent of Serenia, approaches his wedding toPrincess Anya with a sense of dread.  Reports that his betrothed isdeformed and unattractive have disturbed the Prince, but he is notinclined to compromise the honor of his family.  Conar is prepared tofulfill the marriage contract made by his parents.  A mysterious beauty,Lisa attracts his attention by saving his skin using exceptional skillwith a dagger.  She plays ‘hard-to-get’, the young prince pursues, andthey become traveling companions.  When a wicked tumultuous storm blacksout the sky the travelers take shelter in the keep of Conar’s youngertwin, Galen.  Unknowingly they have dropped in at the worse possibletime.  The evil twin and old nemesis Kaileel Tohre, demented priest andsorcerer, are in the basement conjuring up Conar’s ruin.  Galen wantshis brother’s crown, and Tohre, a twisted child abuser, desires topossess Conar as he once did in the past.  The foul pair are members ofthe Brotherhood of the Dominion, a malignant sect Conar has vowed todestroy.   Tortured by Kaileel Tohre as a child Conar is emotionallycrippled and cannot use his powers, nor has he been able to love.  Lisacomes to the rescue with magic of her own.   Saved, the Prince iscatapulted into the first love of his life with a woman he cannot have.

Windkeeper is the story of a young man scarred, in more ways that one,who is salvaged by a ravishing heroine and an extraordinary impetuouslove.  I expected more out of the detestable villains and suspect I’vebeen set up to see more from them in book two. The ending ispredictable, but it’s great fun getting there.  The reading is easy.The pace is fast.    Charlotte propels readers through a wide range ofintense emotions from anguish to impassioned ecstasy.  I was brought totears by characters so real I mourned with them.

The ability to reveal a world through her characters is an indication ofCharlotte’s skill and talent.  She has created a midlevel place wherehalf the people have magic powers and the other half is illegitimate,interesting values.  Serenia is a world where children are cherished,regardless of the circumstances of their conception, breech of amarriage contract is severely and brutally punished, but the ‘doublestandard’ is alive and well.

Charlotte Boyette-Compo quickly got my attention with exciting actionfrom the start and held it through the book.  Her characters arewonderfully fervid people you will love to adore or thrill atdespising.  Windkeeper offers a heroine who bails out the hero, lots ofsizzling passion, bloody sword fights, nasty bad-guys and the promise ofmore to come.

Review copyright© November 2000, Susan Bailey-Halaney.

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