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First off, literature is slower at conveying a message than, for example, the visual arts or music. It’s not so instant.

When I started off writing I was still getting to grips with the basics of the English language. So, my first book, ‘Powers of Wisdom’, I finished writing and illustrating by the age of fourteen. It was a very interesting experience, one that has stood as a building base.

I think it’s important to realise the far-reaching power of a child’s imagination. My imagination, and a wish to find something more attractive than this world, was propelled by reading fantasy and science fiction. And so ‘Powers of Wisdom’ was my attempt at fantasy writing. I suppose it came off as very Romanian (as I am from Romania) in that I expressed a Romanian way of thinking using English. I hope one day to include it in an unpublished works book. After nearly a two-year break from writing (although, in this time, I had started the sequel and decided against it) I became fed up with fantasy. I found that once you’ve read the best of the lot the rest became very similar. It was as if every fantasy novel had to fall into some sort of formula that every author was using.

By sixteen years of age I was beginning to find other genres of literature interesting, like short stories or poetry. On the other hand, I decided to properly attempt writing fantasy. So I crammed, possibly, every concept that I knew of at that age. In ‘Tarnish: Bridge over Clouds’ I based the landscape on Romanian landscape that I was fond of. There was no main character; like reality, life doesn’t revolve around one character. I experimented with language, twisting it to an expressionist degree. I said: fantasy is dead, here’s what I’ve written.

At the present, I feel compelled to write a second book to round off Bridge over Clouds. My main interest is reaction. Words are more powerful than you’d think (they’re even used in the occult). My interest is not in writing best sellers (even though I’ve been poor for all of my life). That’s why I don’t write according to guidelines. Maybe I can’t write typical fiction. As I grow older, I’m nineteen as I write this, I find that my perception of life revolves around creativity. It’s become so pressurising that I can no longer think of it as a hobby. Writing has turned into a way of exhaling.

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