Interview with Melvin Duncan

Q: Can you tell us a bit about your current projects?

A: Currently I am working on a Sci Fi novel called Eden.
It’s all about a lost colony world. The young master of the colony is only eleven. The rules are that because of his position he must wed by his thirteenth birthday.
The world has another species. How do they get along with humans. What does young Mark of Duhern do about choosing a bride. At thirteen will He be able to take over the duties of a Keeper.
I have to answer many questions before I finish this one.

Q: What do you see as the most challenging aspects of writing a novel?

A: Keeping it from boggind down in to many facts. Some people can send ten pages describing the way someone is dressed. I can’t do that I want the story to move on. The biggest challenge is to not get to technical.

Q: How much research do you put into your novels?
A: On some novels I do a lot of research. On some its strictly my imagination. On Big Dick McCrakin I lived with a road atlas for a month. I had to map out every detail of his comings and goings to make the story believable.

Q: How has your background from the Navy influenced your writing?
A: My Navy background gave me the desire to write. I was in communications most of the time. I started messing around with little things to amuse my shipmates. One of them was a novel titled VIRGINS IN THE HAYLOFT. Being all men at the time, an x rated novel amused a lot of them. One of them suggested I try to sell it. It sold. That gave me the itch.

Q: What types of obstacles have you overcome to get where you are today?
A: The worst obstacle is getting known. People just don’t read an unknown. I have to give away books to build an audience. They all love the freebies. Some will then come back and buy something.

Q: How has your experience with ebook-publishing been?
A: Ebooks have been my most successful outlet so far. is currently featuring three of my books, BOWMAN, THE BEGINNING, LANCE SAUNDERS, ASTRONUT and STARMAN. All good Sci fi adventures. They have posted my work on and with a number of their associates. The publisher informed the a week ago they were beginning to move. Who knows I may be a success before I meet St. Peter at the pearly gates. lol..

Q: What has the Internet meant for you as an author?

A: The internet has given me a second outlet for my books. My second published book THE 200 YEAR WAR was released by and was all handled on the Internet. Its on the Print on demand as well as download and moving ever so slowly but that’s because I don’t have the capitol to advertise it properly.
THE HOUSE ON PERI LANE, a ghost thriller, can be bought from

It’s moving along slowly but without the Internet it would still be setting on my book shelf looking for a publisher. Thanks to the Internet I found several and have placed books with them. None have sold like wild fire yet but that’s because I don’t have an advertising budget. I have been very pleased with results so far.

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