Wizardborn by David Farland

“The Runelords” series is turning out to be a really special series. The firstvolume SUM OF ALL MEN was a really good initial volume, BROTHERHOOD OF THE WOLFraised the stakes and WIZARDBORN continues the trend of fantasy excellence.  Oneof the strengths of both this volume and the whole series is that interspersedwith fast-paced amazing action and battle scenes are patches of great characterdevelopment.

The series is turning out to be a many layered onion that gets better and moreflavorful as you peel away each layer. In WIZARDBORN we learn a lot about theReavers and the character of Averan, who is turning out to be a really greatcharacter, taking steps from the background to play a prominent role inWIZARDBORN.  Averan is the girl who eats Reaver Brains, thus gaining a betterunderstanding of the Reavers themselves.  Her relationship to the Reavers willbe one to watch.

One of the strengths of this book, and the series, is going to be the Reavers.They are truly one of the more original creatures in fantasy today. We learnmore about the reaver society, hierarchy and their magic in WIZARDBORN.

Another aspect of RUNELORDS that is shown more in WIZARDBORN, is the characterof Raj Ahtan. Initially the enemy of Gaborn, the Earth King, I look forward tohis scenes and root for him almost as much as Gaborn. He is a strong characterand when the story is seen through his viewpoint, you begin to admire him, or atleast get better understand his motivations.

If the subsequent volumes in the series maintain the pacing, characterdevelopment and amazing action, the whole series will be one to elicit furtherre-reads.

Highly recommended

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