Gemquest: The Awakening by Gary Wassner

 “GemQuest – The Awakening” is Gary Wassner’s second book in his epic fantasy series where we follow the people that struggle to keep the Dark Lord, Colton Dar Agonthea away from the worlds only hope, the Gwendollen heir. Davmiran the heir is now safe in the heights of the elven city of Seramour but for how long, and betrayal seems to come from the most unsuspected sources!

It’s a story with many subplots that Gary brilliantly weaves together, some are obviously left open for the books that are sure to come, while others end in this book, the whole book builds towards; the major confrontation between the forces of good and evil.

I must say that I also like the way that Gary portrays his characters, it’s especially interesting to see how he actually makes them set out in one direction and then change their minds. Where many authors in most cases themselves have thought out the order of things and thus go from A to B without giving their characters the personality to alter the course, Gary does things differently which I find quite refreshing.

After I read the first book in this series I said that it reminded me of Tad Williams Memory, Sorrow and Thorn trilogy, and after reading the second book I still have the same feeling. Although it’s completely different in most aspects, I can’t help but get the same feeling, and it’s good…

Reviewed by Dag Rambraut

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