Children of the Grove by Robert Halmo

“Children of the Grove” is Robert Halmo’s first book in his “Lords of Darkness, Lords of Light” series, and compared to most books in thefantasy genre it’s a quick read at only 262 pages.

Forces of the dark are once again poisoning the land, and the ancient enemy that has been held imprisoned for a thousand years is once again on the brink of breaking out of his imprisonment. The two Great Stewards of the earth, Aor and Einaele, have set plans in motion to protect the land, and they have each helped the magical ashterim Ruisme to bear a mortal son. So is it that Eri and Nithell, Ruisme’s sons, are destined to battle the evil that once again walks the land.

“Children of the Grove” tells the story of Eri and Nithell and how they are brought up to face their destiny, even though they are merely children who want to explore their unique, even mysterious heritage and have adventures of their own.

Even though the book is quite short in length, the world that the author has created is described in great detail. It’s a world where magic and nature are central elements, and even the earth itself is filled with magic, as are many of the beings that walk upon it.

Something that strikes me as different from many fantasy series I’ve read is that Eri and Nithell, who are only children, are portrayed as such and actually act like children. In many cases without thought and worry for anything, including themselves, very impulsively in much of what they do.

In summary, “Children of the Grove” is very rich in details, with believable characters and magic through and through…

Reviewed by Dag Rambraut

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