The Gates of Sunset by Adrian Rogers

The Gates of Sunset, while starting slowly and perhaps a little erratic in its early pages, gradually builds into an intriguing tale of two dimensions, inexplicably woven together with their parallel destinies.

For young South Australian, Sean Dennis, filled with the carefree attitudes and youthful ebullience of the day, the transition from his world into the next seems little more than an escapist adventure, of the like usually found within the many layers of a video game.

And yet lurking beneath this casual acceptance of his fate is a richly coloured tapestry of deceit, lust, incest and betrayal. All of which Sean takes in his stride, perhaps a little too easily, seldom questioning his surroundings or predicaments, or his sudden role as chief custodian for a legendary, magical spear.

Adrian Rogers has lovingly created his alternative world from the myths and legends of Atlantis, Avalon, and beyond, to give the reader a unique journey through the Gates of Sunset, following Sean on his quest into a landscape as captivating and mysterious as the unforgiving terrain of central Australia, and yet one which is filled with an assortment of mysterious characters, all of whom help carry this remarkable tale to its inevitable yet enchanting climax.

Adrian provides a wonderful insight of the ancient worlds, as well as the everyday struggles of modern youth in their quest for love and purpose of destiny; weaving the parallel stories, a little confusingly in parts, yet always with a richness of eloquent prose.

The Gates of Sunset is an original blending of time-separated cultures, the mysteries of ancient sorcery, and the innocence of modern-day youth.

Reviewed by Neil Cladingboel
Author of ‘The Erebus Equilibrium’ trilogy.

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