Quantum Musings by Michael Gallant

A selection of stories from

Michael Gallant, Raymond M. Coulombe and Timothy O. Goyette

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A review by Neil Cladingboel

Reading through this eclectic compendium of tales reminded me of long ago nights spent huddled around a campfire with my fellow boy scouts as we all tried to outdo each other with our tales of mystery and imagination! Those memorable nights of my youth filled me with mirth, amazement and intrigue, much in the same way that Messrs Gallant, Coulombe and Goyette have done with their excellent Quantum Musings.

The reader is treated to a wonderful collection of original tales, interspersed with their author’s insightful thoughts on writing, the Internet, and the world. While the writers’ styles are similar, and definitely compliment each other, there is nothing at all to suggest that they were reading over each other’s shoulders as the stories were constructed. All are refreshing and original, in both their content and conclusions, many of which tease the reader with their unexpected twists.

For me, it was hard to single out any one story, but there are definitely some outstanding gems. Michael Gallant’s God Picks Up the Tab and Staring at Bruno, Waiting to Die, Raymond Coulombe’s Death in Haiti and Government Myths, and Timothy Goyette’s Lost Traditions and Human Factors were particular favourites.

No matter what your preferred style, whether it’s Alternative, Science Fiction, or Fantasy, Quantum Musings has something for everyone. Sure, they won’t all make you shuffle closer to the fire with chills racing up and down your spine, but there’s certainly enough to keep you sitting by its side well into the night!

Reviewed by Neil Cladingboel
Author of ‘The Erebus Equilibrium’ trilogy.

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