Awareness by C.E. Winterland

CE Winterland is a writer who holds much promise. The setting of his Mindsight Series is similar to many fantasy worlds, populated by elves, dwarves and the like. That said, the world does have a genuine feel to it, Winterland has done a good job of world-building.

As the story goes, Gen, a child of Prophecy, unaware of this for the majority of his life, sets out to the Elven Kingdoms and beyond to search for his destiny as his power of Mindsight begins to grow. His Mindsight allows him to peer into the minds of others and use telekinesis to varying degrees. He learns the evil demi-god Whitsinne harbors Gen’s twin, who also has the Mindsight, in hopes of eradicating the Elven people. The reader sees Whitsinne very early in the novel, but his presence is only hinted at until the book is just about over.

The words of Whitsinne are some of the best writing in the book, but as I said, we don’t see that until the book is almost over. The ending was a bit abrupt as was the transition from scene to scene throughout the book.

The beginning of the book left me thinking the story would be different than most of the other fantasies such as Brooks and Jordan. While the writing was good, the story did not deviate too much from the standard tropes of this type of story. I thought the idea of twins was a nice twist, though. Although the story was a bit choppy from scene to scene and the story was all too familiar, at the core of the writing, Winterland does have skill that can be refined and honed.

Overall, if your looking for something in the very much in the vein of Jordan and Brooks, I’d recommend CE Winterland’s Awareness.

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Reviewed by Rob H. Bedford

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