Destiny of the Light by Louise Cusack

Destiny of the Light follows the path of many fantasy novels in that it is a cross-over tale, a person from our world is transported to a world different than our own. In this case, the heroine is Catherine, or as she is known in the other world of Ennae, as Katarene a princess. Unbeknownst to Katrene/Catherine, she is originally from Ennae and was sent to Earth or Magoria as people of Ennae call our world when she was a young girl for her safety. She lost her brother Michael at a young age as well, he fell over a cliff, the same cliff Catherine jumped off and transported her to Ennae. Upon waking in Ennae she discovers she is the Princess of the world and her thought-to-be-lost brother Michael is King Mihale, the ruler of the land.

What follows is a tale of prophecy, political court intrigue and love. It’s a story that has many recognizable elements to readers of fantasy, yet Cusack manages to put originality in this very familiar story. The world building is something Cusack should be commended for as well. The Guardians are reminiscent of the paladins and knights in shining armor and as recurring a theme as that is, Cusack managed to add a spark that made the Guardians her own. The story is well told and the writing, in terms of sentences and descriptions, is very good, as well. Overall, a good piece of writing. A nicely told story that would appeal to readers of fantasy and beyond the genre.

Louise Cusack is an Australian author yet to be published in the US. With the influx of women fantasy authors currently being published in the US, I wouldn’t be surprised to see her as one that will join that list.

Reviewed by Rob H. Bedford

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