Fear Infinity by Galen Kaufman

Galen Kaufman is working at the University of Texas Medical Branch where he is studying how the brain adapts to different gravity conditions. He is also the inventor of Fizzyfruit, and holds a patent to this unique method to carbonate fruit and vegetables.

Fear Infinity is his debut novel. It’s a Science Fiction novel, which in many ways are more about human believes and philosophical questions than a technology driven Science Fiction novel. The year is 2055 and there are two powerful groups in the world, the Scientific Coalition that bases its believes on science and is trying to travel to other star systems before the SEN, a religiously oriented group, has full control of the human mind and earth. Then there is the Exken that is sending out the strange “ni exist” message, who are these Exken? Some think they are aliens, but nobody really knows.

The story lets us follow several people from both the Coalition and the SEN, some taking the big leap on their way to the stars, others back on earth trying to make a better world. All at the same time as the big question remains, who are the Exken and what do they want?

As for the writing I must say that Galen Kaufman has created a set of very believable characters, and you really feel that you get to know what motivates and drives each character to make their decisions.

A recommendable book for those who are ready for a book that will make you question your believes of the human nature. In many ways a very thought-provoking story set in a very plausible future world.

Reviewed by Dag Rambraut

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