Undo The Deed by Adam-Michael James

America House Book Publishers
ISBN: 1-58851-795-0

Amanda Grant: young, ambitious, beautiful… and abused!

Her head filled with memories of a tortuous childhood at the hands of her cruel and unforgiving father, the talented Amanda dreams of movie stardom. But when a tragic accident mysteriously transports her back in time, she quickly discovers that to survive in this strange, new world, she’ll need to pull off the acting role of a lifetime, worthy of the industry’s most coveted award.

Life in 1965 — some twenty-two years prior to the society she knew so well in 1987 — holds surprises and disappointments a plenty for Amanda, who struggles to accept her sudden transportation to a time filled with Beatle’s music and a language of idioms long since forgotten. Befriended by a sympathetic school teacher who has suffered a similar fate, Amanda’s sometimes-clumsy assimilation into sixties life goes largely unnoticed by her school friends, and the wealthy young couple who rescued her from her mangled car, offering their home as her own. But it is at school where most of the surprises lie, especially when Amanda learns that one of her fellow students is Matthew Grant, her future father, suffering a similar legacy of abuse at the hands of Amanda’s grandfather.

Adam-Michael James has created an extraordinary tale of love, anguish, betrayal and abuse, as the characters’ parallel lives are seamlessly entwined, creating a compelling, revealing, and at times, terrifying glimpse into the delicate subject of child abuse. The prose is refreshing and deftly executed as Adam-Michael takes us on his time-spanning journey of life, as seen through the tormented eyes of Amanda and Matthew Grant, both of whom wish for a miracle that will undo the deeds of their tragic pasts.

In Undo the Deed, his first major novel, Adam-Michael James has triumphed in creating a unique and compelling storyline, highlighting the horrors of child abuse, that are as real to many throughout the world today, as they are in the pages of this remarkable and spellbinding novel.

Reviewed by Neil Cladingboel
Author of ‘The Erebus Equilibrium’ trilogy.

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