22 Stories by David Lawrence


 Emily and Phillip were the subjects of Project Immersion.  They participated for nine months and have only bits of dreams and glimpses of memories about what happened during that time.  For both they are terrible memories, frightening memories that they just can’t completely grasp.

 Project Immersion was designed to study interaction between the human mind and quantum computer enviornment.  Or at least that was part of it.  What else happened in the project and why was it cancelled?  What did they find and were the results as terrifying as the memories of its subjects?

 One Friday night Virtual Design, the Company that secretly sponsored Project Immersion, threw a party.  Phillip found out that some very high profile executives were going to be in attendence.  Emily and Phillip were on a mission.  They were going to find out what happened during those nine months. 

 22 STORIES Falling upward through the Tarot shows two people’s journey through a 22 story executive building.  Each floor relating to the Tarot deck.  In this book, the future is brought to startling reality.  Virtual Visors that allow the wearer to see virtual assistants, to call any other person wearing a visor, change ones physical appearance and a number of other wonderful virtual tricks.

 David Lawrence is wonderfully creative.  He brings the future to us in almost tangible descriptions and characters that we could meet at any time.  The book is set in 2012, the not so distant future.  The experiment involves computers and the human mind.  Something that we are inevitably headed for.

 It is wonderfully intriquing, a book I couldn’t put down.  I would recommend this book.   It is skillfully crafted and it flows freely as well as giving the reader wonderful descriptions to let the imagination soar.

By Jeannie Langston

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