Time Trap by D.E. Gronquist

     Dr. Madge Hall, an NSA Scientist, was the first one on the scene of a very strange appearance.  Some sort of machine with writing that she had never seen just appeared at a farmhouse.  Fortunately the farmer shot the machine so it appeared to be disabled.

    Major Drake Barber, an Air Force Scientist, arrived a short time later.   He informed Madge of the information he knew.  Apparently a similar incident occured in a kansas shopping center only that person wasn’t so lucky,  The machine opened up, swallowed him and dissapeared before anyone knew what happened.

    Madge and Drake work together to decipher the cryptic box.  Eventually they learn how to work it and are in for the rides of their lives.  They go back in time, forward in time, to england and to another planet. 

    Madge gets to visit long dead relatives, and Drake gets to meet a future president.  They get into trouble but they always get out.

    TIME TRAP is a very exciting book.  It moves very quickly and is full of action.  All through the book, I was thinking wow if i could go back in time…  This is such a fun book and the characters are witty, devious, exciting and sometimes romantic.  I just wish it had lasted longer.  I really enjoyed this book.

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