Karma On Tap by R. B. Wilcox

KARMA ON TAP is the retelling of a Buddhist legend about the future Buddha or Maitreya but with a technological twist. James Cole was born an extraordinary baby. In the beginning of the book it tells of his childhood and some of the occurances leading up to his true calling. Because of this, it starts off slow, but it gets much better.

After James has finished high school, he goes on to a technical college to earn a degree in physics with a minor in Computer Science. His roommate is a guy named Max Harmon, who is somewhat of a computer genius. He has already created some well-advanced technology which will be used for this online Buddhist revolution.

This new technology that max has created is wanted by many companies, but James convinces him not to sell to anyone, but to keep it for himself when they are ready to begin the online revolution. The technology allows anyone possessing it to go online and view their Karmic scale. They can see how much negative karma versus how much possitive karma on a tangible and understandable medium.

Before this new revolution hits, James is visited by a Tibetan Monk. It is then that he is introduced to the idea that he may be the Maitreya. He ultimately changes his name legally to Maitreya. He goes on talk shows and tours the country making speeches that affect everyone who hear them.

This book was a fascinating book. Though it started off slow it was an impressive read. It combines miracles and the unknown with modern science and technology and makes you wonder just a bit. If it were real what would it say about me? Not only does it cause an uprising in the government and rioting. Like anything having to do with religion and the unknown, it creates panic and widespread paranoia. In addition to this, it creates the world of tomorrow, something that could feasibly happen in this day and age. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and would recommend it.

By Jeannie Langston

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