The Fantasy Writer’s Companion by Tee Morris


Dragon Moon Press

ISBN # 1896944159

Edited by Tee Morris and Valerie Griswold-Ford

    THE FANTASY WRITER’S COMPANION is the sequel to The Complete Guide to Writing Fantasy.   It picks up with even more helpful hints on creating a wonderful work of fantasy.  Like the first book, it is a compilation from many different fantasy authors. 

    While the first one goes in depth as to the process of creating the fantasy piece, this one goes into more detail on how to spruce it up, so to speak.  It gives advice on incorporating a number of other genres into your fantasy story such as romance, horror, and mystery to writing it for a younger audience.

    The Companion talks about writing for role playing games and writing authurian legends, which according to the Companion, is the second most retold story, coming in only behind the Bible.

    This book is not only informative, it is just a fun read.  It seems as if some of the authors who were writing this book live in a fantasy world of their own.  I laughed and learned at the same time and I say anything that makes learning fun is worth my money.

    This book is definitely something that everyone should have in their library.  Not only does it follow a great book to begin with, but it holds its own.   If you are interesed in Fantasy writing at all, I think this two volume set is all you really need to dive right in a create your own fantasy.   


By Jeannie Langston


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