The Cube Root of Time by Herbert Cohen

Jacobyte Books


ISBN # 1741001366

      THE CUBE ROOT OF TIME is one of the most well written books I have read in a long time.  Ira Lowenstein is a physicist who has discovered the secret to time travel.  Nate Hawley is a CIA agent and isn’t quite sure he believes it until the CIA agent, Dennis Slater, who held the file with all the information dies and Hawley gets the chance to see it for himself.

      Along with the file, Slater’s safe also holds a reliquary, an ancient container to house holy relics.  It is at least a thousand years old and when Hawley opens the little drawer he finds the shock of his life, a Credit Card.    It had corroded in the drawer, but when Hawley made a tracing of it, Ira’s name appeared.

      This tells the story of Ira and his travels along with his dealings with the CIA.  His file was kept in a secret stash of files that was never meant to be discovered.  It was supposed to be destroyed after Slater died.  Hawley is interested in it though and delves into the Lowenstein Experiment to find the most exciting experiment ever done.

      Cohen is a fabulous writer.  His dialogue and narration makes for a wonderful read.  His characters are well thought out and his descriptions are fully formed.  The story is wonderful with just enough science and science fiction to make you wonder if some of it isn’t true.  I say read this at your very earliest convenience.  It makes you think.  Great book Mr. Cohen.






By Jeannie Langston


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