Escape To Malmillard by K.G. McAbee

Brilliantly written, literature at its finest quality, KG McAbee does a great job at immersing the reader into a vibrant and rich fantasy world where characters and creatures meet throughout. Be enthralled by a wondrous and dynamic plot that will have you hooked page by page until you finish the novel. Follow the adventure of Lord Erek and Magister Andru, the pair escaping to the Academy of Malmillard meeting and amazing and uniquely different characters along the way. In this novel, the art of magic is respected by the author, establishing the power of what magic can do. Many fantasy novels put no restrictions on how magic is used but in ‘Escape to Malmillard’ magic is respected in its entirety. Read as the plot twists and entwines, taking you by surprise at many corners, KG McAbee has certainly written this novel well.

This classic fantasy world could not get any better, be immersed into the politics and betrayal that surrounds this unique land. In this novel I feel that the fragments of different books that are books that are used by the characters in this world at the beginning of each chapter help involve the reader even further. A common theme used a lot in fantasy literature that I feel is used quite successfully in this particular novel is that of trust. Lord Erek is confronted many times, as are many of the other characters, with issues of trust. The theme of trust is utilized very well. Lord Erek is forced to leave the home of his aunt as his tutor Magister Andru has helped Erek realise his magical abilities, much to the distaste of his aunt. Escaping with the help of Magister Andru and friends, be taken through heart pounding chapters as Lord Erek escapes, with a former tutor in hot pursuit.

I was very glum when I had completed reading this novel, hopefully there will be a sequel and hopefully it will be in much greater volume. KG McAbee has definitely left her mark in this readers mind, using her wonderful talents as a writer to create something of pure brilliance. No words can describe how well written the plot and the novel itself is. This novel is somewhat a work of art, I have read many fantasy short stories and novels in my time as a reader to realise and acknowledge a good story when I read one. I have read many novels that proclaim to be classic fantasy but not many have delivered like this one has.

The sequel to this novel (if one is to be written) has the potential to become very well known throughout fantasy literature, I’m sure this novel will spread like wildfire and I won’t be surprised when it does. An excellent novel, a talented writer, a great mix to curl up with on a cold night. KG McAbee has a firm grasp on the fantasy world and I hope that she doesn’t ever let go. To review this book was a great privilege, my expectations were fulfilled each time I turned the page. Definitely a must buy but only if you are a true classic fantasy fan as this novel deserves to be appreciated and deserves nothing but praise. Great book, I hope to read many more in the future from this talented writer.

Review by Jason Damman

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