Dragon’s Treasure by Elizabeth A. Lynn

I found this book slightly difficult to get into at first as the characters contained in the opening chapter were completely unknown to me and so I could not develop any interest in their actions or words. This background information would have been better if it had been revealed to us once the world had been established or at least after the first conflict. However once the story commenced in the present day I was hooked.

Although ‘Dragon’s Treasure’ focuses on one main character I enjoyed the way in which the author developed the supporting roles of Maia and Treion the Bastard – who are actually brother and sister. These additional threads gave the story extra depth and served to demonstrate the strong conflicting emotions within the Golden Dragon. I particularly liked how Karadur was depicted because although some of his decisions appeared overly harsh, they were always supported by a sense of logic and reason which made him seem like the perfect man to rule. Elizabeth A.Lynn has managed to create a rich fantasy world with fascinating people and much thought has been given to their customs and histories.

One of the unique features of her writing style was the inclusion of song lyrics and story telling from various entertainers as they passed through the royal courts. In other books I have read I found these sections of prose poorly written and irrelevant to the story, however in ‘Dragon’s Treasure’ they were outstanding. The songs and bards’ tales were not only well-written and carefully placed, but served to get the reader’s mind working overtime in order to try and link the subtle hints to what was really going on.

For such a short fantasy novel this book is a piece of art. The author has made every word count in order to develop a compelling account of one man’s struggle between his two completely different natures. I look forward to reading this book a second time knowing that I will gain even more insight into the characters’ emotions. ‘Dragon’s Treasure’ is extremely hard to put down.

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