Escape the Past by K.G. McAbee

Possibly the best story by KG McAbee yet, ‘Escape the Past’ will keep you reading from the very first page; KG McAbee’s talent palpably shows in this fine piece of work. Follow the tale of Valerik, who is a slave that was born into the trade, who is saved from the hunt by a rich, noble looking woman by the name of Madryn. After being rescued, Valerik and Madryn then travel abroad, Valerik not sure why he was saved and not sure about why Madryn wants his companionship and where they are to go. Valerik is very confused as Madryn pays his way to become a nobleman. All comes out in the end as powerful adepts need to be challenged and defeated in order for the pair to live, but not without the help of other memorable characters along the way.

Read as the pair overcome many obstacles, meet different characters that prove to help their cause, plot their way from the clutches of the enemy and learn new things about each other and about the world in which they live. This is a story of love, courage and betrayal where the reader engages and is immersed into a very different world from our own. The reader learns many things about the characters throughout the book, as well as about slavery and how unjust the world in which the characters live in is.

Common themes in this novel include: slavery, trust and companionship. Each of these themes is very important and very real in the world for these characters, which aren’t who they may appear to be. A lot of things happen in each chapter of this novel, the author definitely choosing quality over quantity and does so in the most appropriate way through the use of various techniques such as the vivid use of imagery and having very well developed characters that assist in the flow of the story.

Magic is quite commonplace in this novel as in most fantasy novels. This helps to enrich the plot and to add another dimension to the story. With magic come many obstacles, such obstacles where good must triumph over evil. As in other books by this fantastic author, magic is respected and not thrown about loosely throughout the novel.

There was one thing that truly perplexed me and that I disliked about this novel and that was reaching the end. I never do like finishing a book especially one that I thoroughly enjoyed and this is a novel that I enjoyed from page one. This is a very well written story and is one of those books that you just cannot put down. This novel is a winner of the Dorothy Parker Award of Excellence and rightly so, this book being quite compelling and interesting, one that has definitely satisfied its genre of fantasy. I will most definitely be anticipating the next release by this superb author.

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Review by Jason Damman

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