Thud! by Terry Pratchett

Thud! Review

By Rob Anybody


In the 30th official Discworld novel, Terry Pratchett has once again captured the essence of storytelling in a 362 page masterpiece. In a cross between the hilarity and seriousness of The Fifth Elephant and the gritty mystery of Night Watch, this book is definitely one to get your hands on quickly. Released at the beginning of October after a spell of over 12 months, fans were greatly anticipating Thud!, as well as it’s counterpart Where’s my cow?


Sam Vimes and the Ankh-Morpork City Watch are caught in the middle of what is brewing to be the biggest battle of Koom Valley since the original. With dark dwarves undermining his every move and a murder to solve, His Grace Sir Samuel Vimes has to unwrap mystery after mystery to get to the center of the problem.


But each day, without fail, Sam Vimes must make it home by 6’o’clock, no excuses – otherwise Young Sam will get cranky!


With appearances from our favorites Carrot and Angua, Detritus and Cheery – as well as a new face in the watch much to the pleasure of the Black Ribboners. Some of the smaller characters though that have become loved also get a chance to shine – with the Speed Hungry Wilikins, the Gooseberry and Sybil all having a lot to say.


All in all Thud! is one of Pratchett’s best books to date, although still not up to the quality that he reserved for Night Watch and Thief of Time.


Thud! get’s 9/10 from me, with definite room for growth if I read it again soon.


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