Port Nowhere by K.G. McAbee

  “Port Nowhere” is absolutely a masterpiece in it’s own right, eight very talented authors (including’s already featured authors KG McAbee and Jim Johnson) come together in collaboration to write a series of short stories that all entwine together and flow so well it’s as if the novel has been written by a single author. 

Enter the thriving and dangerous Rock that is Port Nowhere, meet a variety of characters of different socioeconomic status. The rich and the poor are divided by different levels on the Rock. The rich live in LevOne and LevTwo and the poor live in LevThree and below. The deeper you venture the more dank the environment, the depths being a desolate and dark place where danger lurks in the maze of mossy and damp corridors, ready to claim unsuspecting victims venturing into the depths without protection or appropriate knowledge.

Each author brings their own characters and ideas to the table, all working together to develop interesting and unforgettable characters that all contribute to the “main plot” of the novel. There is no real plot but merely a collection of stories relative to the planet in which each character dwells and lives out their existence. All authors in their stories use the same terminology and references, the main ideas being kept close by each writer, all writing styles adapted in making this brilliant novel work. This book becomes very addictive, reading about the lives of different people and their goings on in this harsh environment. As a reviewer and a reader it was a pleasure to read each and every page of this publication, such a unique collaboration working so well is not something to be missed.

The main themes of the novel include trust and deception, as well as authors exploring the concept of a social hierarchy in an artificial world. Trust on the Rock is definitely not given and it is very difficult to earn, so much danger lurks around each corner, the inhabitants of Port Nowhere always looking over their shoulders especially when they are in such a world where at any given moment any species can be kidnapped, killed and served in one of Port Nowheres many restaurants.

This novel does not follow the structure of a conventional narrative. There is no main plot, there is no real beginning middle or end. Each “chapter” is a story in itself, each story is a narrative, relating to the bulk of the ideas the authors develop as the novel progresses. This novel will definitely be enjoyed by those new to the science fiction genre of novels and also by those that regard themselves veterans of the science fiction genre. There is not one bad comment to be made about this book, it has been written so very well and each writer has a lot of talent that I’m sure we haven’t seen the last of. Get your copy of this book at now and take the unforgettable trip to Port Nowhere.

Review By Jason Damman

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