Feral World by JR Dittbrenner

The world has gone “feral” and is controlled by a major corporation known as the NEWS. When NEWS officials learn of a new secret society within their own that is scientifically more advanced they send an official of the NEWS to investigate how this advanced society came about without any previous detection. Mundan’s findings perplex the NEWS and his findings pose more questions than answers. The advanced society, known as the Moids, have the ability to change their appearance as well as run upside down on roofs and defy many other factors of gravity and are even able to live forever. They are trying to integrate themselves into the NEWS controlled society and want to do so peacefully, they also want to take over the power that the NEWS currently possesses, though the Moids are prepared if the NEWS want to resist this eminent change.

In order to help the NEWS come to terms with the new society and their ways, Mandan decides to undergo an advancement operation which makes him part Moid. Will Mandan’s decision to turn Moid help the NEWS with the integration they are about to face? Or will war and destruction become commonplace in this already volatile environment? All these questions and more the reader will ask themselves when reading this short novel.

“Feral World” is quite a complex story to follow and comprehend as there is a lot going on in the very first chapter of this book. The author tends to jump from one thing to another in a matter of sentences, bombarding the reader with a lot of information they may not understand. At one stage there is a blazing war then a page later the main character is at his house studying a new computer that mysteriously appeared in his apartment. This first chapter is quite confusing. The concept of a corporation controlling the world in place of a government type system is an interesting one, the author plays with this idea with his characters and civilisations/corporations/societies. Perhaps us as humans will one day be controlled by a major corporation and this side of the novel at least may become fact.

One reason to the confusion in this novel may be a consequence of the amount of spelling errors that are evident throughout this book. Spelling errors and grammar errors are scattered throughout the novel, many readers may lose interest in the book because of this. Though the reader will be quite confused at times in this novel, about halfway through things become more clear and easy to understand as events are more spread out in the text, copious amounts of information being suppressed and now not posing as such a problem.

This book could have been planned better and perhaps spread out a lot more than what it was. Other readers may disagree and really enjoy this book, this reviewer however believes the ideas and questions posed by the author were not investigated by the characters enough, and things definitely should have been spread out more. Perhaps the author will regard this to further better himself as a writer for his next project.

Review By Jason Damman

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