Counterspell: Guardian of the Ruins by Robert C.A. Goff

 Ignorance is a blessing – and the innocent are always blessed. Love sometimes is the force that drives people to make things they never thought themselves capable of doing.

‘Guardian of the Ruins’ is the first part of an epic trilogy called ‘The Counterspell Chronicle’ that depicts an ancient war between two obscure societies that want to gain control over the world. One tries to destroy all the manifestaions of magic in the world so the dark secrets remain forgotten and the dangers continue to be buried under the multiple layers of memories long time lost.

Even if the books miss a certain poetic approach to the action it is enjoyable nonetheless. Robert Goff has worked for the military as a surgeon and  the precision needed to perform his job can be seen in the sharpness of the details at the beginning of the book. We are what we are and we project our personality in all the aspects of our lives – including what we write.

The action is somehow classic – a young smith wants to get married but his family is murdered and he is accused of the deed. Consequently he needs to flee.

Unfortunately he is pursued by riders on winged creatures that want him dead and do not spare any means to see this happen. But with the help  of a few people he manages to escape and start a fantastic journey through lands never seen…

The descriptions of the world are interesting and they have a certain flavour that helps the reader to live inside the book. The action grips you and you start wanting to find out more until you reach the climax. The conflict develops and leaves some questions unanswered  that keep the door opened for the next books in the series. I personally wait with interest for the next book.

Andrei Gireada

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