Second Eden by Carlton W Austin

Have humans destroyed our earth to the point of an approaching Judgement Day? Are a group of aliens plotting to rid the world of all human presence? Carlton W. Austin explores this theme in his novel ‘Second Eden’. This book is quite religiously themed, it explores so many different aspects of religion without it becoming a book that preaches or persuades. Full of drama, corruption and adventure, this book is definately a great read. Many books have explored some of the content Carlton Austin writes about but this book is well planned, very well written and has an exceptional story line. Austin explores other themes such as trust, friendship and even celibacy.

 Though aliens are quite significant in this book, Austin has made sure that the story does not become far fetched, rather quite realistic. The content of the novel may be dry at first, but the story definitely picks up about a quarter of the way through, government cover ups and significant scientific discoveries create the substance that contributes to the action packed pages the reader will be engaged in.

 Read as the main characters are hunted by government agencies, traveling around the world for their freedom and more importantly, for their own lives. The main characters go through a lot. Austin has well developed characters that are not only defined by the reader, their personality traits can be distinguished and identified as well. Throughout the novel you will meet a wide range of characters, none of which seem the same and all of which interact in the chaotic world Austin has written them into.

 Carlton W. Austin has shown his enthusiasm of all things space and aircraft related, and writes about these things confidently and with exceptional accuracy. This factor alone enhances the story and enriches the plot, making it not only a fictional story, but one that is realistic and more importantly, one that is believable. Themes of Archeology are also explored and also adds to the adventure feel about the novel, creating even more twists and turns for the reader to follow.

 This work of fiction is fascinating and is definitely not a put down. Words and sentences flow, any errors, if any, cannot be defined as Austin has checked his work and edited it properly for any inconsistencies. Austin has written fluently and the reader will not be drawn away from the novel due to any spelling or grammatical errors. Many books reviewed have many errors but Austin has shown his professionalism as a writer and all that can be said about his work is praise.

 If you are a science fiction fan that enjoys realistic novels based on earth, space and our solar system then this is the book for you. This is not only a sci-fi novel, it is also a work of adventure, action and drama. So many genre’s come together in this novel to create this masterpiece. Brilliant work, I’m sure we haven’t seen the last of this science fiction author.

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Review by Jason Damman

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