A Changing of the Guard, Part II

Welcome to another edition of A Changing of the Guard! When I first posted A Changing of the Guard a few weeks ago (which can be found HERE) it was met with a lot of success. So it was an easy decision to decide to make it an ongoing series of articles outlining a lot of the new and great authors entering the Fantasy field in recent years.

Before we get started I’ll just let you know that I’ve opened up the range of authors I’m taking a look at, including people like Richard K. Morgan who has several novels under their belt, as I feel that authors such as him still qualify as members of this new generation.

So, without further adieu, I send you off, hope you enjoy what you find and maybe even discover a new favorite author!

Brandon Sanderson

Brandon Sanderson is a relative newcomer to the world of published writers. Sanderson debuted on the scene with Elantris, a clever and original standalone novel, and was met with critical success from both the major publications (Kirkus and Publishers Weekly) and fantasy fans alike.

When Tor Books purchased the rights to Elantris, the also purchased the rights to Sanderson’s next trilogy, the first book of which was just released. Mistborn has received as much positive praise, including a review at SFFWorld, as Elantris and looks to be a great start to a compelling new Fantasy trilogy. Sanderson was even mentioned my recent interview with the illustrious Robin Hobb as an author to keep an eye on! If that isn’t pedigree then I don’t know what is!

Richard K. Morgan

Richard K. Morgan is a bit of an anomaly on this list due to the fact that his first novel, Altered Carbon, was first released in 2002, making him not exactly a new author, but he’s not really a vet, either, so I decided his inclusion here was acceptable.

Morgan has made a name for himself by writing gritty, dystopian Sci-Fi novels, many of which feature Takeshi Kovecs, a refreshingly intriguing anti-hero with a twist. From the release of his debut novel and through to his latest release, Black Man (titled Thirteen in the U.S.), Morgan has garnered more praise with every release. Indeed, Black Man/Thirteen  is being hailed by many as one of the strongest and most compelling works of speculative fiction this year.

Alison Croggon

From the growing population of Australian Fantasy authors comes Alison Croggon, a poet and playwright who had her first Fantasy novel, The Gift (titleThe Naming in the U.S.) published in 2002. Since then she has published two further novels in the Pellinor series. The final novel of the series, The Singing is due in 2008.

Many consider Croggon’s work to be geared towards women, but Croggon herself (on her forum at has stated that she has had as strong a response from male readers as she has from females, so I can say with confidence that Fantasy fans of either gender can feel confident when they pick up Croggon’s novels!

Daniel Abraham

Abraham is a newcomer to the world of full length Fantasy novels, but is well acquainted with the world of writing. His novelette, Flat Diane, was nominated for a prestigious Nebula Award, putting him into a prestigious place among his peers. 2006 saw the release of A Shadow in Summer, the first novel in The Long Price Quartet, a novel which George R.R. Martin called “A poignant human tale of power, heartbreak, and betrayal.” Big words, indeed.

Abraham has a new Web site, which he assures he now has the ability to update himself, and is sure to give us a good look at what he’s up to as his writing career continues to take off! On his web site he lets readers know that his current novel, A Shadow in Summer will see a paperback release at the end of July and its sequel, A Betrayal in Winter, is coming out this August!

One of the most exciting tidbits about Abraham is that he has a forthcoming novel with none other than Fantasy-darling George R.R. Martin. If that isn’t something to be excited about then I don’t know what is!

Drew Bowling

I just recently gave a favourable review to Drew Bowling’s debut novel, The Tower of Shadows, and for good reason: this kid can write. You’ve probably noticed by now, taking a look at the photo to the left, that Bowling is young, something not often seen in the Fantasy field. But since the rise of Christopher Paolini and his mega-successful Inheritance Trilogy the way has been paved for young authors to be given a chance at success and Bowling is one of these authors who we’re lucky slipped through the cracks.

Bowling has a flair for prose and a determination to write fun, punchy novels that are sorely lacking from the genre. It won’t be long before he carves himself a nice niche and finds an audience who will eat up anything he produces. Even at a young age (early 20’s) he’s produced a novel that’s fast, fun and entirely readable and makes him a deserving member in this edition of A Changing of the Guard.

2007 Aidan Moher

Copyright 2007 Aidan Moher

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