Clive Barker UK Gallery Exhibition

Press release recieved 29th June from Russell Cherrington at the Crown Gallery, Carlisle (UK):


“Clive Barker master of Horror brings his paintings and drawings to The Crown Gallery, Carlisle.”


Clive Barker has worked for over twenty five years as an ‘Imaginer’. He was discovered with a quote from Stephen King in 1984 “I have seen the future of horror and his name is Clive Barker,” which heralded the release of ‘The Books of Blood.’ These books were issued with six covers painted by Barker to illustrate his stories and characters.

In 1987 Clive Barker adapted his short story The Hellbound Heart into the horror masterpiece Hellraiser which brought the world his character of Pinhead, who would go on to star in eight sequels before the 2012 remake hits our screens. Few people actually know that Hellraiser exists because Clive Barker sold his story to the studios with six ink drawings depicting the Cenobites and the character of Frank transforming as the horror within the story comes to life on the big screen.

The same year Hellraiser was released Barker created the fantasy masterpiece Weaveworld to worldwide critical acclaim and a huge publishing deal with Harper Collins. The limited edition of Weaveworld came with illustrations from Barker and he soon created the book Clive Barker Illustrator to show off his paintings and drawings from 1971 to 1991.

Since Clive Barker relocated to the USA in 1990 to direct his film Nightbreed and work in Hollywood writer, director and producer on films of his work such as Lord of Illusions, Candyman and the Oscar winning Gods and Monsters. He held his first solo art show in New York at the Bess Cutler Gallery in 1993 and has gone on to have almost a show a year since.

It was the publication of The Thief Of Always in 1992 which came housed in a painted wrap around cover by Clive Barker and contained over fifty ink drawings, that started a interest in the purchasing and collecting of his artistic works.

The Abarat series of books first published in 2002 by Harper Collins came fully illustrated with over one hundred and fifty full colour paintings. Although presented in a hardback book these canvas when seen had a average size of 60×40 inches with the largest being 72×240 inches (The Map of the Abarat). In September of this year the latest Abarat novel Absolute Midnight will be published and there will be a sneak preview at the Crown Gallery during July.

Clive Barker has chosen to exhibit his paintings and drawings for the first time outside of the USA at the Crown Gallery in Carlisle. The filmmaker and writer Russell Cherrington will curate the exhibition. He has worked with Clive Barker for the last ten years and has known the artist for twenty years. Those people that have visited his home have been treated to some early viewings on Barker’s works and none have left without making comment on the striking images.

Clive Barker will attend the opening of the show simply entitled ‘Clive Barker Imaginer’ on Saturday 16th of July and there is a public signing of his works planned in the afternoon of the 17th of July.


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