GIVEAWAY: Brian Poor Akysha’s Fury

My name is Brian Poor, and I am independent author of an epic fantasy series called Megazaur.


The first novel is Megazaur: the 13th omada. This novel is a stand-alone, set eighteen years before my second novel. This second novel, Megazaur (1): Akysha’s Fury is the first of a three book series, with novels 2 and 3 due to come in the early spring of 2012.


I am a member of the SFFWorld Forum and as such I asked SFFWorld if I could come and ask all you wonderful fans of fantasy to read my novels and comment on what you like and don’t like.  Sure I want fans, I want people who think my novel is all that plus a bag of chips.


I ask you all to try both novels, but especially the second (Akysha’s Fury) and interact directly with me.  I’m offering to give free copies to anyone interested, just leave a comment through the PM system and I’ll send a free code.


I’m posting a short synopsis of Megazaur: Akysha’s Fury underneath.

Synopsis of Megazaur: Akysha’s fury.


In a world where man rules dinosaurs with his mind—where survival is won by the ruthless and where the weak become slaves or perish, comes the ultimate test of man’s continued supremacy.


Having outgrown the forest mankind has suppressed it in, the Necroraptor is ready to break out and openly challenge man’s right to dominate the world.  Its renown lethal capriciousness scares the Megazaurs (dinosaur riders) enough, they have no choice but to plead for help from the nation they have forsworn to destroy (in the name of the father god).


Realizing the raptors will turn to their lands once it ravishes the Twelve Omadas, the Thirteenth Omada sends Akysha, their most promising warrior, with a small army to help their bitter enemies.  Owning a god-given skill with a sword, Akysha vows the raptors will learn to fear the bite of her blade or the forest will run red with their blood. And if the raptors prove to be a match for her sword, she has a three thousand-pound best friend with a jaw full of razor-like teeth to back her up.


But Akysha soon finds that there are dangers in the lands of the Twelve Omadas that can’t be fought with swords and teeth.  An unseen enemy begins to spark the flames of a civil war that could endanger her mission. And worse, the barbaric lands of the Twelve Omadas bring an uncomfortable truth to light about her god given abilities. Her gift comes with a ‘Fury’ that proves love and hate are different sides of the same sword, and Akysha is always endanger of falling off her precarious balance on the edge where those two sides meet.


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