Stephen Chambers

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Stephen Chambers was still in high school when the deal was struck for the sale of two science fiction novels to Tor Books. The youngest attendee at the prestigious 1998 Odyssey Writing Conference at New Hampshire college, Stephen Chambers is now majoring in Modern European History at the University of Chicago. His first novel, Hope's End, will be available as a Tor Hardcover August 2001.Hope's End(August 2001)

Hope's End  
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Hope's End

Tor will publish Stephen Chambers's debut novel, "Hope's End" in August, and I must say that this book had me hooked from the very first page. "Hope's End" is a first novel that is sure to be noticed.

Stephen Chambers Interview

Stephen Chambers is currently a student in Modern European History at the University of Chicago, and his first novel Hope's End will be published in hardcover by Tor Books August 2001.