Charles Stross

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The Laundry Series (unofficial name given to this and The At
The Jennifer Morgue  
The Fuller Memorandum  
Merchant Princes
The Family Trade  
The Hidden Family(1 reviews)  
Glasshouse(2 reviews)  
The Atrocity Archives(2 reviews)  
Singularity Sky  
Halting State(1 reviews)  
Accelerando(2 reviews)  
Saturn's Children  
Iron Sunrise  
Official reviews

The Fuller Memorandum

Mark reviews Charles Stross's latest in the Laundry Series.

The Fuller Memorandum

The Jennifer Morgue

What's not to love about a well-crafted James Bond/Cthulhu story? Rob finds a lot to enjoy in The Jennifer Morgue.

Saturn's Children

Rob joins Freya on a sex charged journey across the galaxy in Stross's tribute Heinlein and Asimov.

Halting State

Hobbit reviews Charles Stross's latest, a tale of cyber-espionage and identity surveillance set in a future Edinburgh.

The Atrocity Archives

Charles Stross's latest in the UK is a tour de force of genre writing. Combining spy novels with Lovecraft, it might make you look at that IT technician more carefully in future! Read what Hobbit thinks in his review of The Atrocity Archives.