Neil Cladingboel

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 Born in the United Kingdom in 1959, Neil Charles Cladingboel moved to Australia with his family in 1961, spending his early years in Woomera, the heart of the Australian Outback, before settling in Melbourne, where he completed his schooling.

After an extensive background in Catering and Hospitality, which took him around the country, Neil embarked on a new career in Real Estate and Land Marketing. Neil has always had a keen interest in Science Fiction, and to a lesser extent, Fantasy novels as well. Having dabbled with poetry and creative writing for many years, publishing his first novella, Reflections, book one of The Erebus Equilibrium trilogy, fulfilled a lifelong dream. Neil has since gone on to publish books two and three of the trilogy; Tale Spin, a collection of short fiction, and has some other projects in development as well.

Neil currently resides in Perth, Western Australia with his wife, Thea. You can find more details of Neil's works at The Erebus Web site.

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2005-09-25  Bortag's Curse by Neil Cladingboel