Catherine Anne Collins

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An avid reader since childhood, I used to wake up early in the morning to read before going to school. The books that first fired my imagination were the Black Stallion books by Walter Farley. My imaginings and daydreams leaned toward being stranded on a desert island with a black stallion only I could ride. Those daydreams helped me make it through, what I considered, the drudgery of school. Who wouldn't rather be romping in the freedom of the outdoors, taming a wild stallion?

As I matured, so did my taste in books and daydreams. Escaping into the pages of a book captured my attention and pumped my senses like nothing else. Unfortunately, I was always of the mind that I could never actually write a book. You had to be a writer to do something like that. Eventually, I came to my senses. With my fortieth birthday approaching, I decided to write a book. I had no idea how to write a novel, what to write about, or even how to begin, but I am imbued with Capricorn stubborness, so I wrote anyway.

I enjoy writing both fantasy and romance. My debut novel, Sword Across Time, has the honour of winning the Treble Heart Books Award for best paranormal romance and has received five-star reviews since its publication. More than one reviewer has compared my writing style to that of Marion Zimmer Bradley and Mary Stewart. (a comparison that still gives me goosebumps)

As well my published novel, I have completed another mythical romance titled, Guardians of Atlantis, a romance titled, Sweet Dreams in a Small Town, a fantasy titled, Beyond the Faerie Realm, and have only now started a fantasy titled, Earthsong.

I lives in Port Perry, Ontario with my husband, rottweiler, and cat, but have dreams (oh, oh, that\'s what started this whole thing) of moving to the country and having a horse, cow, goat, and any other animal that may appear. My husband, Fred, and I own and operate a martial arts and wellness centre that keeps us both busy. I have earned my second-degree black belt in karate and am fairly proficient in various weapons, both Japanese and Chinese. My hobbies include photography, kayaking, archery, horseback riding, reading, and hiking. Of course, finding time for all these activities can sometimes be a little difficult.

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