Jacqueline Lichtenberg

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Now residing in Arizona, Jacqueline Lichtenberg was born in New York, grew up in California, was married in Israel while working as a Chemist at Israel Mining Indus-tries, and raised her children in New York.
She has a daughter in the Air Force, and another daughter who changed careers from computer programmer to Counselor. Both are married, — so far only one grand-daughter.
Jacqueline has always had far ranging interests and made hobbies of everything from Archery to Zen. For more than 20 years she has been practicing and teaching Tarot and Astrology.
But her main life’s focus has always been on science fic-tion and fantasy.
Realizing that Star Trek was the first real sf on TV, she launched a five year research project on why fans wouldn’t let that show die. That project became the Ban-tam Paperback Star Trek Lives! She founded Star Trek Welcommittee to answer the fan mail from that book.
Jacqueline wrote her first professional sf novel, House of Zeor using her Star Trek theory to design the main char-acter to appeal to Spock fans. House of Zeor is footnoted in Star Trek Lives! to prove her theory.
House of Zeor was in print continuously for 21 years, and is now reprinted in Sime~Gen: The Unity Trilogy.
The fandom generated by Sime~Gen has replicated in miniature the lifecycle of Star Trek fandom, complete with a con, arts and crafts, five print fanzines, several online publications, and a fandom that kept on creating Sime~Gen fiction even while no novels were in print.
The “Next Gen” phase for Sime~Gen has just begun with the Meisha Merlin reprints and new novels in the series.
And Aug. 31, 2004 sees the release of Trekkies Two with Jacqueline discussing her Kraith series, Sime~Gen and Star Trek Lives!

The Vampire Connection
While Molt Brother and City of a Million Legends come from her Occult scholar-ship, Jacqueline rooted Sime~Gen in the Vampire Archetype.
Winning the Romantic Times Award for her sf novel Dushau, she combined these elements in sf-vampire-romance Those of My Blood and Dreamspy.
Meanwhile, Andre Norton invited her to contribute a fantasy-vampire to the Tales of The Witch World.
Combining occult scholarship with the vampire myth she created a unique fan-tasy vampire.
Prequels to that story have been pub-lished, and are now being collected in audiobook format.

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