Stephen R. Donaldson

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Stephen Donaldson was born 1947 in Cleveland. He lived the major part of his youth in India where his father worked withlepers. In his work as an author he has also sometimes been writing under the pseudonym Reed Stephens. His mostacknowledged work has been the Chronicles of Thomas Covenant the Unbeliever, which has been best sellers.

The Last Chronicles of Thomas Covenant
Against All Things Ending  
The Runes of the Earth  
Fatal Revenant  
Second Chronicles of Thomas Covenant(5 reviews)
Wounded Land, The(1 reviews)  
One Tree, The  
White Gold Wielder(2 reviews)  
Thomas Covenant the Unbeliever(94 reviews)
Lord Foul's Bane(23 reviews)  
Illearth War, The(1 reviews)  
Power That Preserves, The  
The Runes of the Earth(2 reviews)  
Mordant's Need(3 reviews)
Mirror of Her Dreams, The(4 reviews)  
A Man Rides Through  
Gap Cycle, The(5 reviews)
Real Story, The  
Forbidden Knowledge  
A Dark and Hungry God Arises  
Chaos and Order  
This Day All Gods Die(1 reviews)  
Daughter of Regals  
Man Who Fought Alone, The  
Strange Dreams  
Reave the Just and Other Tales  

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