C. C. Ekeke

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Born in 1979, C.C. Ekeke has been a fan of the science fiction and fantasy genres as long as he can remember. The idea for the Star Brigade has been cooking in his head for years, but he never once considered turning it into a novel. Throughout his childhood and teenage years, he focused on sketching his ideas on paper and had dreams of becoming a comic book artist. It was only after skimming through his many sketches during his sophomore year of college that C.C. knew he had to write all his ideas down.

STAR BRIGADE: First Renaissance is an ode to C.C. Ekeke’s lifelong love for science fiction. It is also his way of writing the type of sci-fi novel that he himself would want to read. This story not only introduces the reader to new planets, exotic alien beings and strange creatures, but also brings to life three-dimensional characters that break through any preset sci-fi stereotypes.

C.C. Ekeke currently lives in Los Angeles and is beginning work on the sequel to First Renaissance.
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The Star Brigade Chronicles
Star Brigade: First Renaissance